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Discharge Cleaning with Steam Vapour

Steam cleaning is well suited to deep restorative cleaning of heavily contaminated surfaces, particularly in awkward crevices, corners, and equipment components.

The ability to wash down and dry all surfaces within a room is a fundamental process for a discharge or terminal clean. Walls, floors, and mattresses need to be washed down and disinfected, and effectively dried off to stop the accumulation of bacteria.

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Discharge cleaning in patient room

Steps of a discharge clean include:

  • Wash down all surfaces in a room (again, remember to start at the bottom, and work your way around the room in a clockwise direction)
  • Walls, floors and mattresses need to be washed down and disinfected, preferably through the use of dry steam vapour.
  • The dry element of the steam will stop surfaces from staying damp and accummulating bacteria.
  • Dry all surfaces in a room. If you are using steam that is 5% water based, then your surfaces should be dry within 5 minutes of application.

Discharge Cleaning Applications


Steam Down Surfaces

  • Use a product from the Jetsteam range to steam vapour walls, floors and all other surfaces.
  • Includes steam cleaning of hidden areas such as drains and air ducts.

steaming down surfaces with steam vapour


Disinfect upholstery and mattress with steam vapour

Disinfect Upholstery and Mattresses

  • Use a product from the Jetsteam range to steam, disinfect and dry all upholstery and mattresses, including curtains and chairs.
  • Surfaces should be dry within an approximate timeframe of 15 minutes or less, depending on the area cleaned.