FREE WHITEPAPER: Steam & Microfibre in Healthcare

Regular Cleaning with High Temperature Steam Vapour

High touch points sanitised with steam and microfibre is a key requirement to the regular cleaning process. Common touch points are found in both patient rooms and bathrooms, and include sink tabs, door handles and bed frames.

Traditional methods have been proven ineffective for infection control cleaning and require 50% more manual labour and time.

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regular clean with stam vapour

Application Traditional Method Steam Method
Touch Points Dusting Steam with microfibre attachment
Floor Cleaning Mop and Bucket Steam machine with microfibre mop attachment
Upholstery Cleaning Vacuuming Steam with microfibre attachment

Regular Cleaning Applications


Touch Point Cleaning

  • Use a product from the Jetsteam range to steam vapour all high touch areas in patient rooms, bathrooms and operating theatres. Can include door knobs, light switches and remotes.
  • Touch points include any high touch surfaces including; door knobs, light switches and remotes.

touch point cleaning in hospitals


cleaning floors

Clean Floors

  • Use a Duplex Floorscrubber that washes, scrubs, steams and dries all floors in a single pass. Removes bacteria and odours.
  • Duplex Floorscrubbers are ideal for healthcare related floors such as Flotex.

Spills Management

  • Use a Duplex Floorscrubber to attend to a spill as soon as possible to prevent the spread of bacteria and disease.
  • Use a 4 step process; flush, absorb, report and use a Duplex Floorscrubber to deep clean and sterlise the floor.

prevent spills in the healthcare floor with duplex system