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Join Cleaning and Disinfection Congress 2022

1 to 2 March 2022


Join us for the Duplex’s 2nd Virtual Cleaning & Disinfection Congress

Cleanliness is paramount to healthcare. Join us for our second virtual congress to get insights, tips, and tricks on implementing a chemical-free, green cleaning process in your workplace. You’ll also get insights into avoiding virus outbreaks through proper disinfection practices.

Chemical-free green cleaning process

Learn how to provide a healthy environment for your employees and customers with the Duplex's leading chemical-free cleaning process. We'll show you how to effectively clean without any chemicals or harmful substances. Leave your worries behind - it's time to be proactive!

Properly disinfection practices for virus prevention

Understand the importance of disinfectivity when it comes to protecting your business from viruses in the workplace. Through this congress, you will learn how to create an effective disinfection process that includes identifying problem areas, using correct cleaning agents, maintaining records, and more.

Joining is easy!

The congress will be held over two days in February with live streaming so you can take part from wherever you are in the world. All you need is an internet connection! Join now!


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The Director of Duplex Healthcare, MUVi and Author of 5 Steps to Chemical-Free Cleaning in Healthcare, Murray McDonald, has worked closely with thousands of hospitals and aged care facilities throughout Australia.

Over the years he has noticed the significant problem that human error has in contributing to hospital-acquired infections rates. In tackling these issues, he has been hosting his infection control cleaning workshops and speaking in many international health and innovation conferences, sharing his knowledge and expert insights on current healthcare hygiene and infection control stats and trends.

These Webinar Series are based on the "5 Steps to Chemical-Free Cleaning” method and latest outbreak prevention protocols to provide directors of nursing, environmental services managers and infection control staff with the more efficient approach in outbreak prevention and disinfection amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

Find out how to rapidly disinfect surfaces with Murray McDonald from Duplex Healthcare. This complimentary webinar is aimed to share informative insights about the latest innovations within healthcare hygiene and infection control to rapidly clean surfaces and fight against the spread of COVID-19 and other healthcare-associated infections.

Webinar for Cleaning and Disinfection Congress



Our Webinar Series are free to attend for healthcare facilities and their staff.

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Registration is required for each webinar. After you registered, we will send a confirmation email with a ZOOM link to access the webinar.