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Invis Kit


Fluorescent marking tools so you never miss a beat

Our Invis markers and Torches allow auditors to cross check whether a surface has been cleaned according to a schedule.

Our fluoresdcent marking tools, known as the "Invis Kit" are inline with the now updated Victorian Standards for alternative auditing methods.

How will it protect my healthcare facility from HAI ?

  1. Auditor enters a hospital room, and uses the Invis Marker to make clear markings, such as dates or names, on all key touch surfaces.
  2. The auditor then re-enters the room post cleaning. By using the Invis Torch to illuminate the Invis Marker, the auditor can identify whether the mark has been cleaned/removed.
  3. Use the AuditScan app to record the result - pass or fail.
  4. If marks are present, the cleaning has not been carried out to infection control cleaning standards. 


 Invis Tools



Invis Marker Invis Marker - 1 each
Invis Torch Invis Torch - 1 each
1 Invis Marker Pen and 1 Invis Torch 1 Invis Markers + 1 Invis Torch
2 Invis Markers and Invis Torch 2 Invis Markers + Invis Torch
5 Invis Marker and 1 Invis Torch 5 Invis Markers + 1 Invis Torch
12 Invis Marker and Invis Torch 12 Invis Markers + 1 Invis Torch
12 Invis Markers and 2 Invis Torches 12 Invis Markers + 2 Invis Torches