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Portable and Compact- a Battery Powered Floor Scrubber

This floor cleaner is the first machine of its kind that can wash, scrub and dry all floors in a single pass.

No need for chemicals, manual scrubbing or mops and buckets. Go from carpets to hard floors to tiles with just one machine.

This portable, lightweight floorscrubber will be the only floor cleaner you will ever need and will last you for decades to come.

Duplex Lithium mini floor cleaner that is battery powered for healthcare cleaning

Key benefits and features:

  • Battery powered: No need for cables and completely portable.
  • 180 Degrees Handle: Duplex 280 features a 180-degree handle allowing for flexibility in reaching low or hard-to-reach areas.

  • Easy Finger Release Brush System: Featuring offset brush design, the brushes can be removed or replaced in an instant by just pressing a lever.

  • Built-in Transport System: Although light enough to carry; the Duplex 280 features innovative wheels located on the side of the machine for easy transporting. Simply pull back the handle and wheel like a trolley.
Tile Cleaning

Hard Tiles Cleaning

Floor Cleaning

Floor Cleaning

Cleans to the right of the edge

Wall to wall cleaning


Every Package Comes with:

Healthcare eLearning


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