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Steam Kit

For our "steam only" machines, you can purchase a Steam Kit which comes with a range of tools and attachments to do further cleaning applications.

This Steam Kit works in conjunction with your standard tool kit, which is included with your steam cleaning machine.

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In every Steam Kit receive:

  • Microfibre Cloths (x5):

    Microfibre cloths are used in conjunction with steam vapour to effectively pick-up dirt, grime and bacteria, as well as wipe up surfaces of any leftover residue.
Microfibre cloths in the steam kit


  • Microfibre Mitts (x5):

    The microfibre mitt can be used in conjuction with a steam lance to deep clean high touch surfaces.
Microfibre mitts


  • Microfibre Pads (x5):

    The microfibre pad is an attachment for the mini mop tool. This is an ideal tool to steam vapour clean open surfaces such as operating theatre beds and shower surfaces.
Microfibre pads


  • Thermoglide Mop Pads (x5):

    The microfibre thermoglide mop pad is an attachment for the thermoglide tool. This is an ideal tool for cleaning large, flat surfaces such as floors, walls and ceilings.
Thermoglide pads


  • Mini Mop Tool (x1):

    The mini mop tool is ideal to use when steam vapour cleaning surfaces such as operating theatre beds, shower walls, mirrors and more.
Mini Mop Tool