FREE WHITEPAPER: Steam & Microfibre in Healthcare

When there’s an epidemic like Coronavirus threatening the world, people start fearing for their health. Everyone is at potential risk and everyone wants to protect themselves. No one is safe from the infectious potential of germs. But is it true?

Not entirely, as there is a way you can make sure your home is completely sanitized. With the help of floor steam cleaning technology from Duplex Healthcare, you too can relish in the feeling that your home is perfectly safe. Take the Jetvac Junior Package, for instance. It allows you to sanitize your carpets, floors, leather and vinyl materials perfectly.

Steam Vapour Technology


When it comes to utilizing the power of steam to ensure a clean, healthy, and sanitized environment to live in, we at Duplex Healthcare are at the forefront. Germs are destroyed through the action of hot water injection or through dry steam vapour, accommodating both dry and wet cleaning procedures.

Germs will never spread after applying steam to your floorboards – that’s a guarantee we can make after performing countless tests of our own. It’s a perfectly efficient and simple method of sanitizing your home. What could better ensure your family’s continued well-being?


The conclusion is simple – an epidemic like the Coronavirus might pose serious risks in public when you’re surrounded by people. However, at home, you have much more control. With steam-cleaning technology at your fingertips, completely sanitizing your home on the fly is entirely doable. It’s also very easy and accessible to simply whip out the Jetvac Inox Steam Vacuum Package, and direct hot water injection toward any area you deem to be a health risk. Additionally, a thermal mopping system can also be integrated with the Jetvac machine to provide a fully complete sanitising solution for all flooring surfaces.

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