FREE WHITEPAPER: Steam & Microfibre in Healthcare

Dental health care workers and patients both are at risk of transmission of diseases through pathogenic bacteria. Your dental office needs to clean & disinfect and ensure the effective sterilisation process by modern cleaning equipment like steam vapour. A clean dental office will attract new patients and retain old patients as well for years.

Here are tips for developing the safety and appearance of your dental clinic cleaning.

1. Comply with Guidelines

You need to ensure that the sterilization process has complied with the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards and CDC guidelines. Besides, OH&S must assure the welfare of the people at work. Besides, you should abandon the outdated sterilization procedures which are prohibited by the law and can be potentially harmful to the patient and workers as well.

2. Disinfect Clinical Contact Surfaces At Regular Intervals

Clinical contact surfaces refer to the surfaces which are frequently touched, such as drawer handles, light switches, faucets, etc. This type of contamination can spread during every day. Regular cleaning to disinfect the germs with modern cleaning machines like Jetsteam Maxi Inox is essential.

3. Keep the Bathroom Clean

Most of the people are reluctant to use the public bathroom as it is the breeding place of germs and bacteria. Hence, you must ensure a clean restroom as many of the patients will use the restroom during their appointments. Cleaning bathroom with modern equipment like Jetsteam Evo will provide you with effective cleaning and also help to create an overall good impression about the cleanliness of your clinic.

4. Keep the Exam Room Germ Free

The priority should be given to the exam room’s floor as millions of germs are waiting around your office spread from everyone’s shoes. Besides, the exam table, sinks, cabinets, chairs, etc. should be sterilised properly to create a healthy exam room environment.

Regular cleaning of your dental clinic with modern, high-tech, and user-friendly healthcare cleaning equipment will keep your patients healthy & happy and will protect you from long term costs. Call 1800 622 770 to book a complimentary on-site demonstration of a dentist clinic cleaning in your facility.  


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