FREE WHITEPAPER: Steam & Microfibre in Healthcare

“For healthcare facilities that require something more substantial than a mop and bucket due to hygiene and infection control reasons, the Duplex 280 Battery will get deep within the pores of a floor surfaces and lift out dirt and bacteria, rather than move it around,” Mr McDonald said.

“This machine is designed to combine the flexibility of a floor mop with the mechanics of a commercial floorscrubber. It is cordless, battery operated and will wash, scrub and dry all types of floors in a single pass.

“Nowadays, healthcare facilities are moving towards chemical-free cleaning and this new product requires no chemicals and minimal water use. “The Duplex 280 Battery is the latest generation of our Duplex Floorscrubber range, which has been in the market for over 25 years and caters to larger hospitals and aged care facilities. We saw a gap in the market for healthcare floor cleaning in smaller sized facilities and we believe the Duplex 280 Battery will fulfill this need.”

Duplex 280 Battery

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