FREE WHITEPAPER: Steam & Microfibre in Healthcare

A hospital deals with patients, diseases, accidents, trauma and contamination. This is an environment where strict infection prevention policies are crucial and cleaning practices are one of those prevention methods. Hospital management has to ensure sophisticated hospital cleaning solutions to maintain a hygienic environment. Management should have balanced infection & cross contamination control procedures. To do so, only specialised hospital cleaning machines, procedures and workflows should be adhered to.

Here is a guideline for the selection of hospital grade cleaning products, machines and hospital floor cleaning equipment:


  • Cleaning equipment should feature a high-temperature steam vapour component, suitable for killing microbes and stopping the spread of infection.

  • Steam vapour should be emitted at +160 degrees Celcius in order to achieve an efficient microbial clean.

  • Use microfibre cloths, together with steam to clean touch points in patient rooms, bathrooms and operating theatres.

  • Investigate UV technology to safeguard high-risk areas, such as a burn or dialysis units.

  • The operation of cleaning equipment should project minimal noise. For example, many machines may need to get used at night for spills management purposes.

  • Limit the number of chemicals that are used during your healthcare cleaning process. Chemicals are no longer the key method for infection control cleaning. Many facilities are now saving hundreds to thousands of dollars a year on chemical costs by switching to a natural cleaning method.

  • Ensure cleaning equipment can be used in all key areas and are easily transportable between room, wards and levels. Most steam vapour cleaning units sit on an easy to transport trolley that allows for different accessories to also be transported.

  • Floor cleaning equipment should leave floors dry within minutes. Protect your visitors and staff from slips and falls.

  • Floor cleaning equipment should go across all types of healthcare related flooring, from carpet to tiles to vinyl. A floor scrubber is ideal for such cleaning purposes.

Before purchasing healthcare cleaning equipment, look around at modern day research, pilots and trials. Managers should be investigating the benefits of steam vapour, micro fibre and UV technology in order to safeguard their facility from outbreaks.

For more information on healthcare cleaning equipment, visit our dedicated healthcare cleaning website.