FREE WHITEPAPER: Steam & Microfibre in Healthcare

Hospitals are a place where the most vulnerable people come to visit, and a place where germs are the most prevalent in our society. To keep visiting patients and visitors safe, proper cleaning and disinfecting is a priority.

It can be difficult to keep high standards of cleaning in a hospital. There are so many pieces of equipment, many wards, rooms and bathrooms. But you can make the process simple by ensuring you plan, and implement a schedule that takes into account infection control cleaning methods and hospital steam cleaning equipment.

Here are some key steps to performing a regular and rigorous hospital clean in a patient room:


- Wear gloves and masks properly to avoid the spread of germs and bacteria. If you are cleaning in an isolation room, this is crucial.



- Gather all the necessary cleaning tools, including microfibre, steam vapour generator, PPE and tools and attachments.

Hospital equipment and tools for cleaning preparation



- Start in a clockwise position, and start from the top, downwards.

Cleaning hospital room from top to bottom in clockwise position



- For example, start by cleaning the light switch and make your way around to the basin, wardrobe and patient bed area.

 sanitise and disinfect touch points in the low areas such as switches and buttons in the hospital bedroom




- The bathroom is the next area to be disinfected. Ensure you also clean this area in a clockwise direction, and back out as you clean the floors.



- Remember to also empty the bins.


- Avoiding cross contamination is the biggest challenge whist cleaning. Dispose of any reusable items, such as microfibre cloths. Don’t go over an area twice.