FREE WHITEPAPER: Steam & Microfibre in Healthcare

To maintain the provision of clean and safe care you need to keep your hospital free from bacteria.

Hence, proper sanitisation of hospital bathrooms is a must to maintain a hygienic environment and to prevent the spread of germs, bacteria and healthcare associated infections. Different hospital cleaning solutions and hospital floor cleaning equipment will ease your efforts in this regard.


Step 1: Take Preparation

  • Ensure you have the right equipment. Using a steam vapour cleaning machine is a proven disinfection method for hospitals and for use on hospital grade bacteria.

  • Wear the right PPE, including gown and gloves.

  • If required, place “caution” signs, such as “isolation clean in progress” or “UV light disinfection in progress”.

 Bathroom Floor Cleaning preparation

UV disinfection in hospital bathroom area


Step 2: Steam and microfibre touch points

  • Steam high touch points. These are surfaces that are regularly touched, including taps, basins, toilets and light switches. As you steam, wipe down any residue with a microfibre cloth as you go.

  • Also, mirrors can receive a steam and microfibre clean. Simply steam across the mirror and work your way down.

steam clean all touch points such as taps, basin and switch in hospital bathroom

Steaming across the mirror way down to deep clean


Step 3: Don't forget about walls and floors

  • Floors should be cleaned in a clockwise direction, and from top to the floor.

  • Always clean the floor last and back out of the room as you go.

  • Using steam vapour at a low moisture content of 5% will allow floors to dry within minutes, and prevent OH&S slips and falls.

hospital bathroom wall steam cleaning

steam deep cleaning floors in hospital patient bathroom


Step 4: Dispose and stock

  • Dispose of any microfibre cloths so they can be washed appropriately.

  • Remove any trash from general bathroom bins.

  • Stock up supplies, for example paper towel or hand detergents.