FREE WHITEPAPER: Steam & Microfibre in Healthcare

From 1st July 2017, there have been recent changes to the auditing and reporting of cleaning standards in Victoria as announced by the Cleaning Standards for Victoria.

Though visual inspection is commonly used in healthcare, it is recognised that this method alone may no longer be appropriate for many health facilities, and an alternative approach may be of benefit.

Alternative auditing methods, such as fluorescent markers, have already been adopted by many Victorian health facilities.

Victorian health facilities are directed to consider the evidence for alternative auditing methods and assess their own auditing requirements, their capacity for undertaking audits and their local infection control requirements, to determine the most suitable approach.  

Multiple studies have reported the use of fluorescent markers as a cost effective, simple and successful visual aid to assess cleaning results and educate staff on proper cleaning techniques. In order to be the most effective, it should be used in combination with regular, real-time feedback and education of cleaning staff.

Duplex Healthcare provides fluorescent auditing tools in the form of an Invis Marker and Invis Torch. This is a simple process, which includes the following:

  1. Mark Area: Use Invis Marker to mark surfaces and touch points required to be cleaned.
  2. Identify: After cleaning has been conducted, use the Invis Torch to locate the marks created with Invis Marker. If mark is found, then the area has not been satisfactorily cleaned.

 To purchase our Invis Tools or to find out more about fluorescent marking, take a look at Duplex Healthcare’s auditing tools page.

Touch point cleaning audit with UV torch and invis markers